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The End of Unification

Sharon Sneddon Project 4b

Simon Bolivar was an influential South American Revolutionary leader. He helped unify and draw South America together to become an independent nation, free of Spanish control. He died of tuberculosis in 1830 in the midst of civil war and unrest throughout most of South America. Following is a fictionalized account of Simon Bolivar’s last journal entry before his death.



December 15, 1830


I’ve coughed up much more blood today, more than I have all week. It is time for me to face the truth. I am dying, but I am not afraid. I will soon join my love, my life Maria Theresa. She has been waiting for me and I think I am finally ready. The one thing that saddens me is the unrest that has swept South America. So much work and blood and effort have been put into ridding us of the Spanish, and I truly believed that the Battle of Junin in Peru would be the end of all suffering. Suffering inflicted upon us by the Spanish: yes, but I forgot about the suffering man always seems to inflict upon himself. I thought the continent of South America could be unified in its disgust for Spanish rule and oppression, but I now realize that a nation can be divided into countries, countries into regions, regions into neighborhoods, neighborhoods into families until finally we are divided as separate individuals with different desires and different reasons for living. And thus so it is.

Unified South America. We seem to be dying together, and I feel more tied to this nation than ever before. I deeply wish I could be with Simon Rodriguez, my childhood tutor and friend, in these last moments. The man who spoke so strongly on principles of the enlightenment, what would he have to say now about our country? Perhaps the oppression of Spanish is still here among us. Perhaps, even though they are gone physically, their punishments and brutality are lingering, causing fear and hysteria.

Simon and Maria

Project 4B