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Tupac Amaru


The year is 1572. The last Inca Ruler, Tupac Amaru is in throne. When his father, Manco Inca Yupanqui died, he was made a priest and the guardian of his father’s body. It was at this time that the Incan empire lost Cuzco to the Spanish. Tupac now only holds the region of Vilcabamba which was a few dozen kilometers north of Cusco. He was captured in the Amazon basin after fleeing Vilcabamba during a Spanish attack, and was later murdered by the Spanish viceroy. The information to follow is a fictional piece but is historically accurate.

It is I who have the final say of what will become of my empire and I alone will make the choice to stay or flee from this place. The spanish are advancing quickly, bringing with them their Christian ideals and hopes of conversion. A convoy had come to Vilcabamba earlier, placing signs of their Christianity and erecting churches all over our town. I will not be transformed and morphed into something they wish me to be. I have had every trace and sign of Christianity wiped from the city and have leveled the churches and killed the few Spaniards who remained. They seem to only fight when provoked. When we bow our heads to them meakly and do as they wish they patronize us and praise their Gods for they believe that what they are doing is just. Their oppression does nothing to convince us that their ways are better or that we should become Christians, as they say. If they wish to instruct or teach us of their beliefs, they must come at us as equals, in a peacable manner, and allow us to speak and debate. Well now perhaps they will realize that they are not dealing with an empire that will simply bow its head.   Now that Cusco is lost, the four cornerstones of our great civilization, which met and bonded in Cusco, have been ripped apart. I will not believe the empire we created will be taken over. Our feats of engineering, our endless roads and pillars and towering structures rival those of the greatest empire ever to have existed and yet still the Spanish advance. I must admit, in many ways, I am afraid. My wife is now pregnant, and I fear for the child.  The spanish have strange weapons that release fire and roar like thunder. They are advancing each day, their grip of oppression squeezing tighter and tighter. Its just a matter of time before something happens. Deep down, I have  a looming fear that I may be the last emperor.








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